37 Lomond Campbell

Recorded on the 18th November 2016 before a warehouse show with Kwaing Creosite this gorgeous session shows two things: one, that Ziggy and his Pumpkinseed collaborators are superbly talented and two, that strings sound absolutely fucking gorgeous in The Happiness Hotel.

It’s always tricky to mix things which come off the desk sounding this good. Basically I just tend to end up terrified that anything I do to it will only make it worse, and it takes a fair bit of confidence to be sure that the few things you’re actually going to do to a recording will be the one or two little tweaks needed to make it really good, rather than just the needless fucking about of the clueless amateur!

Recorded and mixed by my good self, with video by Mario Cruzado and photography by Kat Gollock.



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01. Lomond Campbell – Misery Bell (Toad Session) (00.10)
02. Modern Studies – Supercool (11.25)
03. Fair Mothers – Blind (In Threes) (14.17)
04. Lomond Campbell – Every Florist in Every Town (Toad Session) (21.13)
05. Steve Monite – Only You (Disco Jam) (30.20)
06. FOUND – Gifted (Toad Session) (37.57)
07. Lomond Campbell – Black River Promise (Toad Session) (45.37)
08. King Creosote – My Favourite Girl (57.07)
09. FOUND – Terra Nova (1.02.11)
10. Lomond Campbell – The Lengths (Toad Session) (1.12.41)

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